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Cavalor Muscle Force 


To get competition horses rapidly back to their former level after a period of rest, reduced work, little training or a loss of condition, it is essential to strive for a balanced and optimal buildup of the muscle complex. This requires an interaction among training, exercise and nutrition. Cavalor Muscle Force produces quickly noticeable results, with a uniform development of muscles. Cavalor Muscle Force also gives excellent results with young horses when a more rapid development of muscle power is required.

Cavalor Muscle Force is a dietary feed for nutritional recovery and/or nutritional support. It supplies the essential nutritional elements which – by their delicate interrelationship, potent mode of action, bio-availability and quality – supports the natural and rapid development of muscles without interfering with other physical processes. Cavalor Muscle Force contains albumins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, herbs and nucleotides. This unique composition of building blocks and nutrients involved in muscle growth contribute to a balanced muscle development, and as a consequence muscle damage after intensive exercise is prevented. Due to the unique composition of Cavalor Muscle Force and the fact that it is composed of 100% natural substances and contains no prohibited substances for competitive sport, it is now widely used in racing/trotting, western disciplines, show jumping, dressage and breeding and is often recommended by veterinarians. Does it make sense to supplement Cavalor Muscle Force if my horse is not in training? The best results are obtained if you supplement Cavalor Muscle Force in combination with training. However, Cavalor Muscle Force has also an effect on untrained horses. What distinguishes Cavalor Muscle Force from other similar products? In contrast to other products, Cavalor Muscle Force does not contain any Gamma-Oryzanol and therefore is safe to use during competition without losing its effect. Cavalor Muscle Force provides unique signature proportional muscle growth, unlike similar products. How long does it take to see the effect of Cavalor Muscle Force? A maximal result is obtained after a 45-day dosing period. The effect will last for at least 3 to 4 months. When needed, supplementation can be repeated after 2 to 3 months. How can I optimize the supplementation of Cavalor Muscle Force? In our experience an optimal effect of Cavalor Muscle Force supplementation is achieved when Cavalor Hepato Liquid is provided before the start of Cavalor Muscle Force administration. Can Cavalor Muscle Force be safely used with IR (Insulin Resistant) horses? Cavalor Muscle Force can be safely used by IR horses because it does not influence insulin production or blood glucose levels. Cavalor Muscle Force contains: – Natural amino acids concentrate: Amino acids are the building blocks of muscle cells. The correct supply of certain amino acids clearly speeds up muscle build. – Herb mix: This special mix of herbs is designed to increase muscle cell build-up and reduces muscle cell breakdown. This results in rapid muscle volume and increasing muscle strength. – Probiotica: Contains nucleotides, DNA and RNA, which support muscle cell division. Increased muscle cell multiplication ensures increased muscle volume and increased muscle strength.

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Cavalor Muscle Force is a 100% natural product, which accelerates and increases the build-up of muscles. This is an ideal product for sport horses which, after rest or a period of reduced work, must quickly be able to use their maximum strength again. Cavalor Muscle Force is also beneficial for getting young horses quickly up to strength. Visible improvement in muscle definition within 6 weeks.

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